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Disposable vape | Cilicon

Cilicon is a globally trusted vape brand and supplier. Cilicon Innovative Cannabis Vaporizer Solutions to make cannabis easier, smarter & more effective. Cilicon is entering the next generation of cannabis vaping, where our core vape technology drives our future. As an open cannabis vaporizer platform to all Industry participators, we maintain the spirit of Innovation and perfection to delight our partners with multiple vape solutions and give you the competitive edge In competition.

Disposable vape pens are all in one, pre-charged vape that can be used for cannabis oil, Delta 8 THC oil, extracts, distillate and more. Cilicon is the top leading disposable vape supplier, mainly provide empty vape for you to fill on your own, or as pre-filled vapes from your favorite store. Read the full info here disposable vape