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Explore How To Fix Mouse Freezes Windows 10 – Best Guide 202

By putting out simultaneous updates, Microsoft hopes to settle the many known issues that their users usually encounter. Their windows cursor lagging is one of the most common issues. This article is our attempt to help you How To Fix Mouse Freezes Windows 10 in a fast and efficient way. Let’s first find the answer to “why does my mouse keep freezing?”


The causes of why your logitech mouse keeps freezing range from damages and defects of the mouse’s hardware to software system malfunction. Troubleshooting every possibility one by one can help quickly identify the problem.

Reportedly, when some users changed their battery, the problem of “mouse keeps freezing windows 10” disappeared. So if you have issues related to the battery, and your cursor freezes windows 10, you might as well change the battery.

How To Fix Mouse Freezes Windows 10