I once heard a song

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I once heard a song

I once heard a song with the words "The sun was just that year, and I fell in love with your laugh". In an instant, I thought of you. Yeah, at that time, you and I were young, with you, with your sunny smile, as if the surrounding air was blooming with bright flowers. Do you remember the day we met? You transferred to school and sat next to me like the plot in a TV show. Then you smiled, and lowered your voice and said to me, "Please meet for the first time, please." There was a smile of joy in the corner of your mouth. "Transferring." I smiled back. "My dear Newport Cigarettes Coupons, what's your surname?" "My last name is Zhou, your surname?" The same naughty answer. "Oh my dear, we are ours." "It turns out that you are my sister who has been separated for many years!" "Sister!" In a friendship, young shoots sprung up in this funny question and answer. Since then, the two of us seem to be shadows of each other. Every day there are countless topics, countless expressions, countless fears that the distance is not close enough. Describe it in one word, "girlfriend." We know each other's little secrets, and sometimes we can know each other's thoughts without even talking. I often even think that you may be me who was placed in another corner of the world by heaven. The telepathy of each other is like an invisible wire that pulls us together Newport 100S. A smile and a smile touched each other's heartstrings. Your smile, like a rainbow after the rain, like the cool and cool wind in the mountains, seeing your flowery smile, raised eyebrows, any sadness will disappear with the wind. I was hopeful that I could be with you Become a lifelong friend, but later, you told me that you were going to transfer to another school, just like you had broken into my world, and you would leave in a hurry. The feeling of loneliness breeds in my heart, I really want to see your smile again. We still have a lot of stories to tell, a lot of foods to taste, a lot of songs to listen to, and no talk from poetry and song to life philosophy, why are you leaving? Parting is unavoidable, despite such perseverance. The day you left, I didn't go to send you, I was afraid I would cry. I think you will be very sad. I will always remember your smile Marlboro Cigarettes, the days when we ran in the wind together, and the song we sang in the sun-"Remember You". Since I can't bear to say goodbye, it's like the lyrics sing, "Don't say goodbye? Turn around and go." Go to your future, don't forget that there is still me here, and I will always remember the bright melody of that song in your ear, "The sun was just that year, and I fell in love with your laugh". I remember your smile again, how about you
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Re: I once heard a song

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Re: I once heard a song

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