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The whole foundation for NBA 2K19

NBA 2K series has long been the ultimate experience of basketball video games, and the annual iterations are constantly improving and advancing magical formulas. Although NBA Live 19 is compared to this year ordinary products, the NBA 2K19 is still the champion. From its appearance, the NBA 2K19 does not stay in the status quo, but chooses to continue to promote the team.

The narrative of NBA 2K18 MyGM split last year, but most people think that at least conceptually, this is a good idea. NBA 2K19 hopes to turn this good concept into something more with good execution support. The MyGM story in this year game will show you a franchise from scratch, including choosing a city, hiring your own staff, designing jerseys and badges, drafting your own players by expanding your draft picks, and more.

In the previous game mode, the player just focused on becoming an NBA player who participated in the game so that he could become a superstar. MyGM mode allows you to look at the NBA world in the opposite direction. Player-centric, as the general manager to manipulate your employees, the media and dealing with the general manager of other teams, of course, also to manage the players in the team. The MyGM mode is entirely up to the player's own decision, and the player's choice will determine the team fate.

NBA 2K19 MyGM has two different modes. First, there is Saga to continue. This is actually a story before the NAB 2K18 MyGM game. The other is the traditional MyGM model, which is more straightforward. Between the two, MyGM Standard is more suitable for those who just want to play and experience it, not a real story. MyGM “The Saga Continues is more about the storyline that continues the previous game, making the model more user-friendly and fun. It is more suitable for those who want to see interesting conversations and speeches in regular RPG games.

Although the entire base of the NBA 2K19 is playing basketball at a virtual NBA court or outdoor park, there is another game in the game. Gamers can stay away from concrete or clay courts outside and play a friendly match in the NBA 2K19 dodgeball. It is very important to have a strong individual player on the MyTeam list. Depending on the style you play, having a PG and C duo instead of PF and SF may mean breaking the difference between the iron man and the person being locked.

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