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Nick Foles enjoyed success with the Philadelphia Eagles

The sports world is filled with many stories of “one-hit wonders Foster Moreau Jersey ,” individuals who either had one good season or one monumental moment on a big stage before eventually fading into oblivion over time. Somewhat ironically, because of when this piece is being produced, not every individual who experiences only a single good season before losing momentum and the favor of fans disappears forever. Anthony Nelson Jersey , ultimately lost his gig with that team, became a backup with the Eagles during a second stint with the club and then helped Philly win a first Super Bowl in franchise history. He earned MVP honors for his play on that evening. For every tale such as that attached to Foles’ name, there have been numerous NFL players who had one good season and then became “whatever happened to those guys?” stories. The list begins with an individual who is still in the NFL as of the middle of August 2018 Jeffery Simmons Jersey , a person who unquestionably possessed Hall of Fame talent in his prime but who has battled demons and personal issues for many years. Nobody, maybe not even the player himself, knows what he will be able to achieve if he can make a return from football oblivion and become a mainstay in a lineup. It’s possible that playing the sport at such a high level is not what is best for him. Before the start of every NFL season Nate Davis Jersey , ESPN does a segment where they rank the starting quarterback for every team from worst (32) to best (1). I look forward to this show every year but I will admit that there is a flaw in the segment's rationale. The experts at ESPN can rank the quarterbacks who are currently penciled in to be every team's respective starter but they do not factor in the fact that many of these teams (at least 6 in every season since 2003) will switch QBs at some point in the season. I created this article in an effort to compensate for this oversight. This list will countdown 10 NFL Quarterbacks Who Could Lose Their Jobs in 2018 (and 10 That Are Completely Safe). This is the second incarnation of this article. I created a similar list before the 2017 season and I am proud to say that only two of my picks did not come to fruition. I am already excited to look at this article a year from now and find out if my predictions improved from last year's list. If you can think of any quarterbacks who are likely to lose their starting spots (or ones that I missed that you think are totally safe) feel free to mention them in the comments section.