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How do I Disable HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant is the software program which is developed by the Hewlett Packard to ease their customer worries about the problems which may or may not come on their devices while using it. This program is usually pre-installed by the manufacturer in the most of the HP devices. Because of this software, users don’t need to concentrate on fixing the problems on the PC systems. This program provides all in one management services including maintaining your device at its efficiency on its processing and will troubleshoot all the tools, tutorials, and other software updates.

But despite its usefulness, some people may face some problems while using HP support Assistant, and want to disable it from their systems. In that case, you can easily disable it using the control panel settings.

Steps for disabling HP Support Assistant from your device

1. Open HP Support Assistant on your device.
2. Open the control panel and select the Programs and features in the control panel category.
3. Find the HP Support Assistant from the list of application that is showing in the recently opened tab.
4. Click on the uninstall button on the top of the programs list and after a moment a notification box will pop-up to confirm the uninstall process. By clicking yes uninstall will start on his own.
5. after the complete uninstall, restart you’re PC or other device and to complete the process.