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squat down I like to touch my elbows to my to my knees so this way is me a good gauge of how low to go before I come back up so I come down touch up touch up so this way as you get fatigued you may not on your elbows right so if I was going to do if L is going to do you know let's say six inches which is usually where I go at it definitely works your triceps but it doesn't ply us much pressure on your elbows the moment you go all the way closed with a sometimes I call it as a diamond pushup right if you go all the way close it's gonna put more pressure on your elbows which might be fine if you have good elbows personally for me and they're a little tender sometimes you know I don't get the best joint so that's why I keep mine separate a little bit but what you need though is you can't have your hands farther than six maybe eight inches apart if you have it too wide apart you're not working enough on your triceps and you're working on your chest as far as hand placement goes right under your chest same thing so right here so your chest if you I'm gonna rest right here y'all guys can see see how if I go all the way down

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