e stopped and did her home

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e stopped and did her home

There are always all kinds of temptations in people's lives, the temptation of snacks, the temptation of TV cartoons, the temptation of computers and mobile games, the temptation to go out to play ... The temptation of money, the temptation of fame and fortune ... And when the colorful temptation appears, will we say "no" out loud? "Haha, it's weekend. I will relax myself tonight and watch cartoons without doing my homework!" I can't help thinking about "treating" myself as soon as this Friday arrives, just right, just wait and watch at night A week of English cartoons. When I turned on the TV after dinner and was about to comfortably enjoy myself, I was shouted by my mother: "Don't you have to do your homework?" "Do your homework later." "I know, I'll watch an episode!" I "hurried" my mother impatiently, "Come and have a rest in the room Newport Cigarettes Coupons." Soon, the fabulous cartoon attracted me. "Oh ..." The TV rang The music of the ending song Marlboro Red, "It's so beautiful ..." I never thought that my mother didn't come out to call me, so I thought about watching one more episode, "Look or not?" He was hesitant, the inner "angel" and "devil" "The war started," Oh, don't worry, there are two days on Saturday and Sunday, and stop watching if the mother doesn't come out! It's okay! "" No, no, the episode has been finished, you should say it I have a letter to do my homework! "" It's all weekend, and I work so nervously every day, just relax tonight! "" Let's go homework, if you can't stand the temptation to watch TV like this, in the future Will face more and bigger temptations, by then How to do? "Angel and devil to each other," Is not funny cartoon Well, no! I do not read! "I cried," No! " Refused the temptation of TV, I want to finish my homework first! I got up and turned off the TV Newport Cigarettes, and came back to the desk. I calmed down and began to study seriously. "Awesome! Very consciously, my mother didn't come out to call you, knowing that she stopped and did her homework and was seduced by the TV!" "That must be more than that It ��s the temptation of TV. I ca n��t resist the temptation of my mobile phone! "I was so proud that I laughed at my mother. It is true that TV and mobile phones are the biggest temptation for children of our age in this era. Walking on the road, eating, shopping ... you can see people holding mobile phones in hand all the time, and when they go home, they collapse on the sofa. , Computer, mobile phone rotation. Although mobile phones and TVs are essential in this information age, we should still treat them in different situations. We can relax and relax when we relax on holidays. When doing our homework, we should still say no to these temptations. Temptation to say no loudly is a manifestation of courage; a positive attitude; a wise choice ... Everyone can be brave to say "no" to the temptation they experience all the time, the important thing is that Do you have the temptation to overcome all kinds of temptations and dare to say no to the temptations you have experienced?
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Re: e stopped and did her home

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